Saturday, May 29, 2010

Change of weather

5 month of 27 C during the day with sun and moostly nice wind, at night min 24 C

Now 28 C and already 2 day's cloudy, and today also sudden 20knts wind with rain, midday to day with 35knts and that ment that several yachts went draging. On one there was noboddy on board. It is now down at the other end of the lagoon, several people were had pulled it around a catemaran where also noboddy was onboard.

I had the same problem here 2 month ago, suddenly my 16 kg Britany anchor was not holding any more after 6 years no problem.. strange.. OK, now a 30kg immitation Bruce, a real Bruce is not for sale on the island, only immitations at 1/4 the price of a Bruce, wondering how much pleasure I am going to have of this much safer anchor.
Wind is South West, not normal direction, all boats anchored came in to the Lagoon, because outside waves and wind were directly into Simpson Bay.. no fun out there now.

Next 4 days little wind.. tmp to 29 C and after that 29 C and 4 bfrd... and from East, ideal wind and weather to go south, but it is a week to early for me I think...

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