Sunday, January 31, 2010

'Nice' boats behind me Simpson Bay St Maarten

I moved the Condor, did not see big fish any more. I dove 2 tanks (that means I used 2 tanks=2 hours under water) and cleaned the bottom. Was still very dirty with barnicles from Trinidad. The Orinoco further south 'enriches' the water so much that growth on your boat is unbileavable.. Engine runs again, still need more then a minute to get Mercedes started and propshaft makes sounds.. I am gone lift back of engine a very little to get the propshaft more in the centre of the rubbers and hope this will solve that.
Pilar Rossi was formarly a 33m motor boat, now a 64m 'tri' owned by F1 Nelson Piquet
3 pools (glass bottom), 1 master and 6 guest suites. Room for 42 staff people.. and has amounst others at least 3 Monet paintings onboard.more pictures on
A was build for a Russian for, one of the tenders is a 'limosine' heard yesterday it is also worth 4.. Filling up with diesel..

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