Sunday, June 18, 2017

Lagoonies regatta 2017... 3rd

13 Teams sail 7 races in rotating system so every team sails race in every boat..

We start nice, lead all the way but I give Frits the chance and he gets wind and we park, so 2nd..

.6th race in Miss Ilse..  Leading all the way again, and close to finish I tack and cover Garth who is behind us, but Miss Ilse dus not want to go any more,,
Garth sails through my dirty air and leaves us sitting,  very strange, something wrong.. 2nd and Garth 1st.
Garth now has a gap, and we can not claw back, he is to hot today..

 Our 3rd race is a 2nd but in the end protest will take time etc and will make no difference to end score, so I save comity time and retire from that race..  So we discard a '2' which became 8 and count the 5.  otherwise would have been 11 points but Ernst has more 1st than us, so he wins 2nd any way.

Nice day of racing, all starts were very good and with little bit more luck...
But ok, so be it..

Robbie wants to stop organizing/taking care of the boats we use after 15 yrs, so this was probably our last time sailing nice one design racing like this,
Thanks Robbie..

This is us below.. Team Lightweights in gray shirts..  Me and Pieter and Paul Soons..

 Most pics by Michele Korteweg (I think)

Garth and kids....

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