Tuesday, October 4, 2016

4 oct Punt4kant Bonaire, swell... and our boats have no problems

We went out with the dinghy today (Tuesday) to take some pictures of swell smashing into coastline..  Water is flat until very close to the coast and then..  boom

 left to right..  Sailing Yachts  Kim and the Condor..

Picture taken last week before 'Matthew' came by, everyone has gone into Harbor or to Curacao except for the Condor and other Dutch boat..  We had no problems, and even maximum wind we had was 13 knots..
Just found out that today also the swell is runni9ng into the harbor where the boats still are, so a lot are being flushed out today.. the swell breaks everything apparently..  funny, we still have no problems out here...

below normal situation as it is now again full with boats on moorings.. 17 oct 2016

 Swell on Punt4kant seen from Condor...

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