Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Water temp Atlantic.. 15 May 2015 vs 2016

2015 gave no storms or Hurricanes on our side of the Carib..
That was due to ..
Atlantic water under 28C
Shear winds.. tops of potential Storms/Hurricanes was cut of so it could not build bigger
AND everything which was there turned North before it got to us..
2015 May 15th
 2016 May 15th
We see water is warmer then last year...
Time will tell what shit...
btw a few month ago I read somewhere water was colder, due to mixing with colder water of melting N-pole..

How it works?
Over the Sahara there will be a sort of chain belt pooping out the start of depressions regularly and if Atlantic water is over 28C, and if no sand is blown with it from Sahara, and not to humid, and no shearing of the top (That comes from the west (Pacific) and is supported by El Nino) ..

So first few month of hurricane season most chance is shit will go over south of our Carib side, so end of July/Aug I will go south from SXM to avoid that kind of shit when it comes higher..

Theory of course

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