Thursday, May 14, 2015

Brotherly visit...

Always nice to pick up visitors by dinghy right at the airport, I see the nice blue KLM 747 land.. I get in dinghy to pick him up and little over half an hour later he is on board having a beer..

 Karakter...  drinks
Below picture again ..  See the yellow sunscreens..  
KLM lands behind the Beachbar Karakter St Maarten                   Karakter map   

 Next day visit to Anguilla with the Heineken Catamaran..  First sail tor Rendezvous bay, swim, then by bus to the other side of Anguilla..

 Rendezvous bay

 Roadbay/Ssandy beach..
 Shoal bay, among the top 10 beaches in the world... beautiful..

 Picture below is sometime 'in' the season here (Nov-April), most boats have gone now to the summer inn the Mediterranean (Palma etc), most other cruisers are already on there way south for the upcoming Hurricane season June-November..  I go south to Grenada and later Bonaire in July or August..

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