Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pics of the (Wens)day

Ach.. pics of the day..
Beating Albert (and 4 others before I lost), pool SoggyDollar (with Olly van der Voort) and Mike and Edgar van Burkom,
Silverland Marije Den Breems Simpson Bay and Escapade Dawn Pooley and Jonathan going to Pinel (my advice)..
and Aragon getting ready for the 600 (per adres Roel ten Hoopen),
OssenPfeffer back on lagoon Robbie Ferron)
and David and Ginger..

 I win 5 games in a row (1 from Albert) and lose last one in absolute winning position but black clips out of intended corner to end in wrong opposite corner.. arg

 Palapa/SoggyDollar bar..    btw the big mast on the left.. is the Wally (with very expensive and not nice 'dog house' ) Better Place.

 Nb Olly inside playing with new Tablet, moving to other cabin, changing the linen etc.. — with Edgar Albert and Mike

 Nice shiny boat gives nice reflection of me.. 

 Silverland and Escapade.. And late Steve Jobs Venus etc.. Simpson bay — with Marije Den Breems, Marco  and Jonathan and Dawn Pooley.
 Coffee with Joop

 Aragon .. need try sail for 600.. 

 Van van Dam.. for sale like many..

 David and Ginger

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