Monday, September 5, 2011

Next.... Anyone time to help from 27th of Septembre?

If anyone feels like coming over and help from thuesday 1600 27th of Septembre (back from Toronto)..

Condor on shore for antifouling and some shaping and put nw cutless baering on propshaft, fit other seal, replace log and Zinks where needed. Everything ready on board, so I will start right away..

Nice baking conditions, need someone to point windblower permanently at me....

Should be back in water after weekend, ready to move, first back to Spanish Waters here, then
Bonaire (long day trip) and then back 400nm East, up wind and current to Tobago Cays (The Grenadines), Bequia etc. Then 330 easy nm to St Maarten,

At the end of Decembre 455nm to anchore near Laser trainigs Centre Cabarete Dominican Republick (east Part of the Haiti island) and then 633 nm down wind to Coral reef Yacht Club in Miami mid Jan 2012 for Rolex in Laser..

End of January find my way back to St Maarten and then deside ..
Panama Canal in April or one more year Carieb...

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