Friday, July 22, 2011

D12 Departure delayed till after weekend..

bikini contest on beach here this weekend, will be wet bikini contest due to plenty of rain prediction so we delay departure till monday review of weather...
Back to normal boat things and Suggie Dollar Bar visit.. (25us entry, free drinks all night what ever u want to drink..)

Sja, since lastnight new shit weatherwise..
No blue skies and rain, temp ok but rest to Dutch.....
We go on prepearing Condor for departure end of day and have a looksee at 1300.. now 50/50 we go.
If we go we have 1.5/2 days 20 knots E and then turning SE 10 knots. If we wait we wait till after SE10 knots is over, but then next shit could also be there...

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