Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Pieter Jongerius as 'mooring' masterMooring block on 'ocean' floor... 1m3 concrete block
First day 170 miles (of the 400), very quick, almost 8knots, but then 2 day with hardly wind.. Arrival after dark without engine (again).. What to do, not allowed to anchor, must take a mooring, because there are coral reefs everywhere here, must be protected.

But I have not been here before, very dark (just arrived 10 minutes after dark........fuck) .

I know 1 person on the island, Pieter Jongerius, I call him, and I'm so close to him I can hear him whistle.. So he gets in water, swims to a mooring, calls load where he is and I sail the boat to him (slowly) and everything ends well...


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