Saturday, June 19, 2010

Good times

Things are falling in place onboard of the Condor now, I will have no energy problems the coming time I expect. We had the generator test running shortly, and it showed 185 amps on the monitor.. Still have to finnish installing regulator for generator, but it may work tomorrow. If ever the generator does not work the Mercedes OM636 engine now (35-42Hp) produces 75 amps (costing about 5Hp but I can switch it off when I need max Hp) so perfect back up to fill the 900amps of Trojans 6V cells, and always active the Rutland 913, about 4 amps at 4 bfrd, 185W solar power (possible 15 amps, now 10 max) and if that all is not enough I even have the tow generator making 6 amps at 6 knots boat speed. Last backup, 55amps red top starter battery, and if even more needed still on board a 1000W patrol generator (giving 8 amps 12V).

That all gives good feeling, all those backups, and new good batteries, batteries you can even abuse which will certenly happen.

But old batteries also gone, were in different place as new ones now. It makes building the 'living room' inside like 'I want to' now possible, verry very nice, nearing the way I think it might be perfect..

Still in devellopment stage, wiil finnish it in Curacao this sommer maybe.

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